YORK® AMICHI™ Series Air-Cooled DC Inverter Scroll Chillers and Heat Pumps

YORK® AMICHI™ Series Air-Cooled DC Inverter Scroll Chillers and Heat Pumps

Mundus Services, the official partner and service provider for Johnson Controls products and services in Bulgaria, is now ready to deliver technical solutions to our clients based on the highly efficient York® AmichiTM  series of air-cooled DC inverter scroll chillers and heat pumps, designed to meet tomorrow’s efficiency standards today.

Delivering performance far beyond the typical chiller and heat pump efficiency levels, the YORK® Amichi™ Series meets or exceeds stringent European regulatory requirements through an optimized combination of YORK® efficiency enhancing technologies:

  • Direct current (DC) inverter technology
  • Electronically commutated (EC) fans
  • High efficiency brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Tandem compressor design

Built specifically to deliver better performance through a wider operating envelope, the Amichi™ chiller and heat pump can maintain efficiency in a variety of conditions without kits or add-ons – down to an impressive -18°C ambient in cooling mode and -15°C ambient in heating mode.

With the smallest footprint across the widest capacity range on the market, the YORK® Amichi™ Series is also the perfect solution for high performance in smaller spaces. Installation is simplified with a compact size that permits forklift loading, and a modular configuration allows units to be arranged in varying footprints to fit different space requirements. This unique modularity means capacity can be increased incrementally as buildings are being constructed or spaces are becoming occupied. And when Mundus Services performs maintenance on some of the modules, other modules in the system will continue to operate, helping to reduce downtime and loss of capacity.

We, at Mundus Services and Johnson Controls, want to ensure our clients’ employees and neighbors are comfortable too, even in retrofits. That’s why this Johnson Controls system offers two levels of sound performance. If requirements call for sound attenuation beyond standard low-noise levels, an optional Ultra Quiet Kit can further reduce sound power by an impressive 6 dBA, providing one of the quietest units available.

When your reputation is at stake, count on efficient, reliable cooling and heating solutions to be provided by Mundus Services with YORK® technology to lower costs and maximize uptime with dependability you can count-on. The Johnson Controls locally based stocking allows Mundus Services to provide quick shipment to Bulgaria. And with the units shipping as a complete package, everything arrives at the same time. We also offer a variety of standardized, locally stocked parts to ensure the systems continue to provide maximum uptime in every installation.

Call our top of the line, highly trained engineers to request a technical solution for your factory or building, based on the new YORK® Amichi™ Series. Mundus Services engineers and technicians can provide design, installation, and maintenance that fits the need of your business.

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